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PSE and BDSM Activities are extras to be determined with each scenario.

If you are looking for a multiple hour session that will not involve PSE - Kinks - BDSM for the full time, please count the approx Pse time expected (Min. 1hour).

Please notify me of activities/roleplays you would like before our appointment. Please do not assume that i am willing to perform all these activities without prior communication and consent.

Now that talk is done! Let's have fun!
your Montreal BDSM Companion

April Rose - Sergio P

The Dominatrix

You will not be disappointed to mess with me. I'll leave you weeping, gushing for air and take you on an unforgettable adrenaline ride.
Impact play, Humiliation, Genital Torture and Edging, Role Play, Worshiping, Sensory Deprivation. the right kind of trouble!
Extra : 100 Roses/Hour

Services I'm comfortable offering (me on you ):

Age Play
Arm and Leg Sleeve
Ball Busting

Blindfold & Sense Deprivation
Bondage & Restraints
Breath play & Chocking
Consensual Non-Consent(Rape Play)
Double Anal
Double Penetration
Electric Play

Fire Play
Fisting Anal
Forced Dressing
Forced Servitude

Forced Masturbation

Forced Nudity
Full Head Hood
Genital Torture
Hair Pulling
Hot Wax
Humiliation (public, private, verbal)
Impact Play & Spanking With or Without Toys

(Simulated) Kidnapping
Nipple Torture
Orgasm Control/Denial

Pegging & Strap On

Post Orgasm Torture
Serving as Furniture

Sexual Deprivation


And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!

April Rose - Sergio P

Being on the receiving end

Get me to your knees and treat me like the teasing little brat that i am...
Humiliation, Chocking, Roleplay, CIM/ COF, Worshipping, Begging, Greek...
Extra : 150 Roses/Hour
Want to be even more evil ? Contact me so we can establish limits and rates together!

Services i'm comfortable receiving (You on me) :

Age Play
Bondage (if you have experience)

Chocking (G/R)
Collar (G/R)
Consensual Non-Consent(Rape Play)
Cuffs & Restraints
Double Penetration
Face Slapping & Impact Play

Fire Play
Floggers or Paddles
Forced Dressing
Forced Servitude

Forced Masturbation

Forced Nudity
Gagging or Gag Balls
Greek / Anal
Hot Wax
Humiliation (public, private, verbal)
Kneeling/ Worshiping
Sensory Deprivation

Soft Beating

Strap-on (G/R)

And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!

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Do you have a special fetish? Do you have that little something that happens when you see, feels or smell a special area ? Here are some of the fetishists i love to offer! There are no extra fees for any fetishist!

Foot Fetish
Heel Fetish

Nylon Fetish

Saliva/ Sloppy Fetish
Scent, Smells Fetish
Socks Fetish

Armpits , Kneepits Fetish

Hair Fetish

Latex or Leather Fetish

Food Fetish

And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!


Roleplay ideas

I love dressing up! I love being part of your stories, your fantasies and everything that turns you on! Here is a list of Roleplays that i have the complete outfits ready for! Don't be shy to send me an outfit request! Roleplays don't involve an extra fee.

Student / Teacher
Bunny / Playboy Bunny
Kitty / Catwoman
French Maid
Yoga Instructor
Little Girl / Mommy / Care Giver
Cop / Criminal
Sex Doll

Scout Cookie Girl

Cosplays and Geek Pop Culture (Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Captain Marvel, Hermione, Rey)

Nurse / Doctor / Medical Play

Flight attendant

Army Girl

Police Officer

Alice (Resident Evil)

Queen of Darkness / Vampire / Enchantress / Witch

And more! Please feel comfortable to ask me!

April Rose & Luxuria 2019 .jpg

My Limits - Lines to not cross

Soft Limits (Interested, in the right setting with the right partner)

Consensual non-consent (G/R)

Electric Play (R)
Genital Torture (R)
Mummification (G)
Biting (R)

Urethral Play (G)

Hard Limits (I do not like or want to do):
Prolapse (G/R)

Saliva in or around Ears (R)

Saliva in my nose, Licking my nose (R)

Knife Play (G/R)
Nipple Biting (R)
Double Anal (R)

Anal Speculum (R)
Piercing Play (G/R)
Brown Shower (G/R)
Injections (G/R)
Fisting (R)

Anything involving real animals

Anything involving blood

Anything that involves scat


April Rose & DannyGirl 2019

Lessons and Trainings

Learn to be a Dom

Learn how to communicate with your partner and take them on a sensation ride. Learn how to play with pain and pleasure to create a mix of tingles and anticipation...

90 mins (45min class - 45 min play) : 400 Roses

Learn the communication language, the roles, exchanges of powers, introduction to impact play and more...

You will practice on me :)

Learn to be a Sub

The goal is to allow yourself to explore vulnerability, sense differently, to allow yourself to be controlled by someone you trust. You can bring your partner or I can guide you sensually through the submission, explaining each step.

90 mins (45min class - 45min play) : 400 Roses

Learn the communication language, the roles, exchanges of powers, introduction to impact play and more...

BDSM 101 (social-no play)

Learn the communication language, the roles, exchanges of powers, introduction to impact play and more...

60 mins : 150 Roses

Danny Girl and April 2017 - Unicorn Heal

Private Parties

My Private Parties are guaranteed good time and can be modified for the greatest pleasure of your guests. I am available for daily/nightly performances, special events and group activities. You can book me, with or without my friends to make your event memorable. I will be organizing many events in the next year, for myself and some friends.  You can contact me directly for any other events and demands you would like organized for yourself and your group.

I am available for :

*Private Gang Bangs

*Bachelor Parties

*Social Erotic Entertainment

*BDSM Events

​Please contact me for rates and details!

Current and announced events are published on my home page and Twitter feed!

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Filming our Time Together

I'm super open to filming our session together, or allowing you to capture the moment! Please visit my FAQ Page for more details.



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