April Rose - DannyGirl 2019

Social Time with april

Let's wander and wonder

I value our connection above all things. Let's get to know each other, discover our clumsiness and be fascinated by this mesmerizing chaos that is life! Let's fall in love with a cities architecture, share a hot chocolate before beating a new arcade high score. Let's relax and add meaning to each caress.

Social Time Dates I enjoy:

*Geeky events

*Fine dining

*Not so fine dining

*Cooking and cooking classes

*Museum dates

*Tour guide of Montreal, Toronto or Quebec city, Chicago and more

*Art project

*Going bowling or other funny social activities

*Arcades (I’ll kick your ass at air hockey, PROMISED!)

*Going dancing

*Relaxation time at the spa

*YOU CHOOSE, I'd love to learn about something you enjoy!

My social time rates are:

1H : 130 Roses

90Mins : 190 Roses

2H : 250 Roses

3H : 360 Roses

I now offer social dates as part of the screening process. Please keep in mind that the screening date must be in a public environment. I can recommend a few coffee shops, lunch dates and more if needed! If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can see some of my social date ideas and my seasons specials below!

If you are looking for a multiple hour session that includes intimacy, please refer to the GFE section. It is possible to add intimate time to any social date!

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Let's Bring back Play

Ideas to guide you
Fall 2019/ Winter 2020 Specials

Board Games

Let's play Monopoly, DnD, Harry Potter, King of Tokyo! What ever game you are into, i just love board games! Bring your own games, or i can bring mine (I have over 50 games, approx 10 which are 2 player!). Invite me with friends at a game night!

Social Time Only : 100 Roses/Hour


I used to be a badminton athlete, and a coach at a high school! Come try to beat me, or perfect the sport! Let's have some net exchanges and get competitive!

Social Time Only : 100 Roses/Hour

includes court rental and Badminton Equipment Rental (I have over 10 racquets!)

Ice Skating

I know a few cute indoor places I've been dreaming to go! Let's get cute and clumsy!

Social Time Only : 100 Roses /Hour

Gym Buddies

I hate the gym, but I think it could be motivational to go as a team! Let's make it a date!I'll squat as often as you ask me too!

Social Time Only : 100 Roses/ Hour

Your Secret Stylist

Are you in need of a personal stylist, someone to help you choose outfits that suit your body and personality? Let's have fun and make you shine!

Social Time Only : 100 Roses/Hour

Cooking Class
Atelier & Saveurs

Let's enjoy a meal that we've created ourselves! This Restaurant offers their clients to learn how to make an elegant 3 course meal, and enjoy their creations!
Supervised and guided by a professional Chef!

Social Time Only : 100 roses/Hour