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April Killian

Formely known as April Rose

Your Playful Femme Fatale Secret
Montreal Companion

As I slowly transition to my new name, i will keep most my social medias under the April Rose name

Twitter:  AprilRoseesc

Instagram: AprilRose.esc

Free Snapchat : Aprilrose.esc

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Are you feeling adventurous?

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been craving adventures. I've had a  fascination real and fictional stories but mostly the excitement of discovering something new. I think April Killian is a part of me that reflects that desire to live stories bigger than nature, but mostly to share them. Would you like to share a meaningful evasion with me?

I want our time together to be an escape from the real world, our own personal bubble of mysteries and playtime. I like to discover all the facets of the gemstone you are and, maybe, make you discover new shiny sides of yourself. I hope, in each meeting, that this is the beginning of something special, a bound of light and laughter that will make us both grow a long-term friendship. I love learning about the things that make you smile, the beautiful things that shaped you to be you.

I'm curious and my eyes are always full of wonder.

Meeting me feels a bit like meeting someone you’ve always known. I’m very intuitive, bubbly and friendly. I have an enthusiastic nature mixed with a laid back attitude. I’m not afraid to make the first moves and guide you into pleasure. My goal is to make our time together as natural as possible. I hope you will find in me an authentic connection.

When I’m not April, I’m working on multiple projects that I lead or am a team player in. I have a background in arts and in management. I’m very creative by nature but also a business woman. A part of my past has been in show business and cabaret, where my passion for dressing up has taken off! I’m a natural teaser with a very playful character. I love to dance, sing, tease and seduce above all things.

I’m educated, elegant, clumsy and a great conversationalist.

I have a deep love for geeky and nerdy themes. I'm a passionate board game player and polly pocket collector, i play lots of video games too! I’m passionate and deeply versed in different subjects such as : architecture, erotic art, art history, poetry, Witchcraft, literature, science and tech, fashion, LGBTQIA rights and history, Politics, Economy, comic books, feminine imagery and much more…

If I could make one confession, I honestly think about my adventures all the time. I’m so grateful of the friends I’ve made and everything I’ve been able to share. Every meeting becomes a memory I cherish and look back to with a smile.

As I love to take you on adventures, people will say that I’m a good teacher and pleasure “enabler”. My curiosity has brought me all over the BDSM and Fetishist world, we can say that I’m well-travelled and very versatile! I thrive to create deeply intimate and passionate connections, where you are in control or where you are my prey. These activities aren’t at all necessary if they are not your cup of tea, but if you have a curiosity or questions about certain activities, please feel comfortable to share them with me. You can find more details about these types of adventures on my Let’s Spice Things up page!

Stats :

Age: Late 20s

Size : Tiny, Small

Figure : Slim and Curvy but not thin
Ethnicity : Middle Eastern & European
Heritage : Armenian, Egyptian, Iran & France

Languages : English, Francais, Hiyeren(Armenian)

More details :  FAQ page

April Killian
Name Change Explanation

April Rose is a name i've had for a long time and over the last years, i've felt dissociated to the name for plenty of reasons. I've finaly made up my mind and settled with April Killian.

Killian for me represents plenty of things.
It is the brand of my favourite perfume, it is the name of a character i'm fond of in tv series. It also finishes in -ian which was important to me as most Armenian heritage family names finish with those 3 letters.

Killian also means little church, which i find erotic and meaningful. I've always seen my body as a tiny temple and that orgasms connect us to something spiritual and bigger. The name Killian for me connects me to a divine feminine.
There's also something about churches that just appeals erotic to me, i guess the gathering and getting on our knees just feels right to attribute to a SW, hahaha! The name Killian sounds architectural and safe to me.

I know it may sound harsher in mouth, because of the association with the word "kill", but it feels softer and more authentic to me than rose.

I do not consider Rose a dead name to me. I'm also comfortable if you choose to still call me by that name. I understand that there are years of bounding.

Those who hear not the music think the dancers are mad - Friedrich Nietzsche


Things I love

I never expect any gift when we get together. Discovering you is the greatest gift i can imagine.
If you are looking for a little gift or little touch, I've detailed some of my favorites and some of my cravings

Here is a little list of my preferences, and a few wishes.

I'm always open to surprises! Please do invite me into your universe of tastes and pleasure, I love being a part of what makes you smile!

Treats :


*White Wine

*Milk chocolate


*Cheese and fruits

*Asian cuisine

Visit my blog post to learn more about my favorite restaurants!

Arts and Culture :

*Museum tickets


*Erotic Art

*Feminine imagery

*Art Deco books



*Antiques & trinkets...

Relaxation and Beauty :

*Spa treats


My perfumes are Straight to Heaven from Kilian; Oud Save the Queen and Her Majesty the Oud from Atkinsons. I vary between those 3.

I appreciate fresh flowers, especially potted ones. I love plants!

I love updating my photography portfolio! If you'd like some special shots for yourself too ! Please visit my favorite photographers websites to make arrangements!

Marisa Parisella or Luxuria Studio.

My favorite Lingerie brands are : Studio Pia, Bordelle, Patrice by Catanzaro, Impudique, Tisja Damen, Creepyyeha.